Recent Before & After Photos

Heavy Staining

We were recently called out to an apartment complex to do a carpet cleaning. The caller had informed us of heavy staining. As you can see, they "were" heavily... READ MORE

Flooded Office Space

When a water line ruptures overnight and spews many gallons of liquid onto the floor of a office the results are obvious in the Before Photo. If SERVPRO is ca... READ MORE

Community Center Receives Storm Damage Help from SERVPRO

Contaminated stormwater can carry pathogens, fecal matter, chemicals, pesticides, and even water brought in from the Lake, with maybe a few dead fish. Not pleas... READ MORE

Removing Mold the Right Way

There are many bad ways to remove mold but there is only one real way to really have it gone for good. The CDC and the IICRC have determined that the best way t... READ MORE

Basement is Flooded

Call SERVPRO for Flooded Basements A flooded basement is a common call for SERVPRO. Sometimes a basement with an outdoor entrance will have a drain that will no... READ MORE

Sewer Backup

This bathroom had a sewer backup and the homeowners didn’t know how to handle the situation. First you call your insurance because they can give you some ... READ MORE

Flooding and Storm Damage

This storm left the basement of this home dirty and in the need of cleaning. You can clearly see the line where the flooding had left the damage. Because flood ... READ MORE

Dust Accumulation in the HVAC

Every commercial building has problems with dust getting stuck in their HVAC system. SERVPRO can have your ducts cleaned and ready for the winter or summer mont... READ MORE

Residential Mold Remediation

Residential Mold Remediation This residence was affected by mold growth. As you can see in the before picture the mold growth was found hidden behind the walls.... READ MORE

Retail Space Water Loss

Retail Space Water Loss This retail space was damaged by water due to a pipe line that burst. As you can see in the before picture the water damage affected the... READ MORE