Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Damage in Attic

This mold damage in this home was from a HVAC in the attic.  Due to the ongoing leak and the attic having an increase of moisture.  After a ... READ MORE

Help With Storm Aftermath

.The first one is  a closet that was affected by standing water by the time we arrived the water receded but tear out still needed to be done.  The ot... READ MORE

Pipe Burst in ceiling

This local home experienced serious water damage after a pipe burst in the ceiling.   SERVPRO  has the expertise and equipment to mitigate r... READ MORE

Hotel Water Damage

This is from a water damage that we did at a local hotel.  The first picture is before our technicians removed the wet carpet and the second is after remov... READ MORE

Massive Water Damage

This water damage took place at a multi family unit.The cause of loss was a sprinkler malfunction that affected multiple units and levels.  Our SERVPRO tec... READ MORE

Electrical Fire

This local home in Virginia Beach  experienced serious fire damage after an electrical fire.   SERVPRO  has the exp... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

his is the aftermath of a kitchen fire that took place in this Virginia Beach, VA home.  The cause of damage was a grease fire that affected most of the lo... READ MORE

Mold Under Floors

This mold damage in this home was from a pipe leak in the crawlspace.  Due to the ongoing leak and the crawlspace not having a moisture barrier.  Afte... READ MORE

Local Store Has Water Damage

This is a photo of a water damage that took place at a local store.  This water damage was the result of a pipe burst in the wall of this building.  T... READ MORE

Storm Damage at Local Commercial Building

Here are photos of some damage that occurred at a local commercial building. The cause of loss was roof damage from the hurricane.  The first picture you s... READ MORE